1) Misfits plays on Cases Arcade. Game IDs should be as close as possible to League ID. Inappropriate language is not allowed in league Id. Any IDS could be put in the Penalty Box Or removed if deemed inappropriate.

2) For games that are played on a table, first player listed in pairings should set a table and share the table password in the lobby. If they have difficulty setting a table, their opponent can set to assist.


3) If you're in a BAD MOOD, then do not come in to make us feel the same. Show some good sportsmanship and no negative comments in the Lobby when you lose or just want to cause drama! IF YOU ARE A DRUNK and cannot handle yourself while drunk, do not come be belligerent in our lobbies or you will be tossed!


4) JNo Politics or Religion or anything controversial in the lobby. We are here to play games. Failure to heed Admin Warnings will result in Penalty Box and/or removal from Misfits.


5) Caps are ONLY to be used by TD's running their tourneys. If you are just engaged in a conversation in the lobby, please remove Caps.

6) You may play as much league games a day per opponent as you wish. You have 15 minutes to report a league game loss. If your opponent doesn't report their loss, you need to file an unreported match (complaints take up to 24-hrs to fix).


7) If a player is missing or booted you must notify the TD, a timer will be started by the TD, the missing player has 5 minutes to get to the table, after timer has elapsed they will be disqualified and you advance. If a player does not play a round in a tournament, they are disqualified, and should be removed from the tournament before advancing to next round.


8) Please remember we have a lot of members in our league, so if a dispute arises with any league member in the lobby or messenger chat groups during a tourney, please handle it in private. All disputes must be kept OUT of the lobby and messenger chat groups. We are here to have fun.


9) Saying good luck (gl) before and good game (gg) after each match is recommended but is not required so don’t bother players if they do not.

10) Staff is NOT required to say GO! when announcing pairings. It’s a wonderful thing if they do because apparently we are all sheep and need guidance, but if they spam the pairings, that is the GO to begin playing!!!


11) Practicing while in a tournament is forbidden. Starting and quitting tournament matches is forbidden. Any signs of resetting or cheating will be put under investigation and handled appropriately.


12) Discrimination on the basis of age/sex/race/disability or sexual preference is NOT permitted. Bullying will not be permitted, this is not high school. This is not only wrong; it is against the law. Anyone caught doing so will be permanently removed from this league immediately.


13) We are here to have fun and grow together. Invite your friends to join our league, we are hiring Staff, no activity demands. Please remember to follow these rules to ensure Admins do not have to hold them against you.


14) The TD has the final say. No arguing in the Lobby. Keep it positive!